Download APP2.0 GET 100 bonus

jiliko app 2.0 download

Promotion Tag :Free Bonus

Promotional target :All Members

Promotion Platform :

Promotional period :2023/02/07 ~ 2023/05/01

BONUSTurnovermaximum withdrawalGame platform
10010X500ALL SLOT

🌟Promotion detail🌟
1、 Available for both new and old members just after installed app2.0

*Only for the members who downloaded app from and login by app.
2、Download the JILIko app 2.0 and log in to get 100 php.

3、Avail once accumulated deposit over 100PHP
4、Each member is only able to apply for 1 time.

🌟Terms & Conditions🌟

1、Each player can only join once, and the same IP、mobile phone number、device、 same ID、bank account number will be considered as the same player.

2、JILIKO has the right to subject to change or cancel the promo.


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