【JILIKO】Lucky draw, 100% Guaranteed Win 18~1688 bonus

Promotion Tag :Special

Promotional target :All Members

Promotion Platform :

Promotional period :2023/01/01 ~ 2023/07/01

🌟Promotion detail🌟

1、Every single deposit 500+ and not in any other promo can spin one time, maximum 2 spins every day.

2、Bonus amount

Random 18 ~ 1688 PHP, 100% Guaranteed Winning

3、Bonus 1 time turnover in any game.

🌟Terms & Conditions🌟

1、Each player can only join once, and the same IP、mobile phone number、device、 same ID、bank account number will be considered as the same player.

2、JILIKO has the right to subject to change or cancel the promo.

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