【JILIKO】Opinion Bonus

Promotion Tag :Slot,Fisher,LiveGame

Promotional target :All Members

Promotion Platform :

Promotional period :2022/06/20 ~ 2024/12/31

Promotion details:

JILIKO is a highest quality online gaming website. Listen to members’ advice is the most paramount. Hope you have valuable opinions to share with us. Your suggestions and complaints make JILIKO more advanced.

1、Members put forward their opinions during the promotion time.

Such as:

1、Customers dissatisfied the services.

2、Put forward suggestions and dissatisfactions about JILIKO website. 

3、Provide detailed information about the device used to 

play the game and record unusual video clips 

when you encounter the issues with game, deposits and withdrawals problems.

JILIKO will give a special bonus 129PHP for you

Activity procedure:

Please click the link to fill out the form. 

If your suggestions or complaints are accept and confirm by us. 

We will give the prize as a thank you gift.


1、Every JILIKO members can join this activity.

2、JILIKO will announce the winners of the last week at 21:00 every Wednesday;

 the system will automatically give away bonuses. Members can click to receive by themselves.

3、The bonus of this activity needs 1X Turnover; no restrict betting amount and withdrawals.

4、JILIko reserves the right to alter, suspend, or terminate this promotion at its sole discretion without prior notice.


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